The Unknown Ranger (Molotok)

The Unknown Ranger (Molotok)
יצרן: Corvus Belli
זמינות: 1 קיים במלאי
מק"ט: INFM0649
מקט יצרן: 280185-0626
₪ 60.00

Who is the Unknown Ranger? A legend born in the trenches of the Separatist Wars. Some say that he is a Ranger officer who saw all the men under his command die. Wounded and left for dead, he has made a solemn oath to consecrate his life to honoring his fallen comrades and to help any USAriadnan soldier who needed aid.

 If you missed the GenCon special edition, do not worry, now it's the time to get the regular release, adding it to the USAriadna Ranger Force (REF:280175-0600) or to the USAriadna Army Pack (REF:280007-0540).