Haqqislam Starter Pack

Haqqislam Starter Pack
יצרן: Corvus Belli
זמינות: 1 קיים במלאי
מק"ט: INFM0656
מקט יצרן: 280489-0597
₪ 200.00

New release! You’ve see it previously in the Operation: Red Veil box, and now it’s released separately!

This Starter Pack is the best choice to start collecting a Haqqislam army, providing the core units for any army list: three Ghulams with Rifles, the backbone of the Haqqislam Army; a Khawarij, a Light Infantry with the Super-Jump Special Skill; a Tuareg with Sniper Rifle; a Zhayedan, a Veteran Troop with Marksmanship L2; and an Al Fasid with HMG, ready to clear the path for your combat force.